giovedì, gennaio 29, 2009

movies on telegram

ecco in pillole i film visti ultimamente. qui.

lunedì, gennaio 26, 2009

kitchen door s02e01


three in one gentleman suit - song for lovers
elks - independent bodies
gerda - 25 aprile
autechre - perlenxe gwnn
eli paperboy reed - stake your claim
belle and sebastian - the state i am in
the lucksmiths - west coast rendez vous
wavves - beach goth
fennesz - grey scale

martedì, gennaio 20, 2009

kitchen door 1x12 19/01/2008


neil on impression - perde pezzi di sè
wavves - california goth
sonic youth - rats
mt. wilson repeater - basketball song
magdalene- elegia
eversor - heartfelt
vivian girls -all the time
silver mt. zion - 13 blues for thirteen blues

e dal prossimo lunedì inizia la seconda stagione...
no DL no pics this time :(

giovedì, gennaio 15, 2009

"The square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides."

venerdì, gennaio 09, 2009

kitchen door 1x11 12/01/2008


sebadoh - careful
sonic youth - incinerate
bob corn - reds between blacks
kid ikarus - tidy kid remix fluffy rabbit
ornaments - 002
black candy - straight to your hands
flipper - living for depression
monument - astronaut farmer
kimya dawson - i like bear
eric's trip - allergic to love
wolf eyes - noise not music
this will destroy you - the world is our
ida - see the stars

by emizeta