martedì, febbraio 24, 2009

kitchen door 2x04 23/02/2009


old time relijun - The Rising Water, The Blinding Light
vivian girls - i can't stay
morrisey - black cloud
enon - peace of mind
no age - i wanna sleep
mark templeton - pigeon hunt
menace ruine - dismantling
Appleseed Cast - A place in line
modest mouse - spitting venom
her space holyday- no more good ideas

lunedì, febbraio 09, 2009

kitchen door 2x3 16/02/2009


antony and the johnsons - her eyes are underneath the ground
putiferio - holes holes holes
agatha - astrology sucks when you are a scorpio
the pains of being pure at heart - young adult friction
son ambulance - a girl in new york city
grails - reincarnation blues
guided by voices - i'm a scientist
eversor - someone's calling
red red meat - all tied
deerhunter - little kids
meneguar - hurry up

...e qui la seconda parte di movies on telegram, ultime visioni.

ps: da oggi niente più mp3 delle puntate, rimane la playlist. per ascoltare le puntate l'appuntamento è il solito, lunedì alle 19 su

venerdì, febbraio 06, 2009

fuori dal muro

domenica, febbraio 01, 2009

kitchen door 2x2 - 2/02/2009

kdoor 2x2, playlist:

-les savy fav - raging in the plague
-the rituals - no organs
-father murphy - go sinister
-jesus etc. - ecowarriors
-vanessa van basten - psygnosis
-afraid! - chicken wagen
-animal collective - in the flowers
-challenger - death museum
-japanese gum - cannibalism next door