lunedì, marzo 30, 2009

kitchen dor 2x9 30/03/2009


confusion is a cat - koi
sambassadeur - ice and snow
taras bul'ba - toktamis
robert pollard - the butler stands of all of us
panther - puerto rican jukebox
barzin - queen jane
pale saints - a thousand stars burst open
oxford collapse - young love delivers
songs :ohia - no limits on the words
american analog set - using the hope diamond as a doorstop

venerdì, marzo 27, 2009


lunedì, marzo 23, 2009

kitchen door 2x8

meneguar - untitled
polvo - when will you die for the last time in my dreams
neptune - neptune paris green
barzin - soft summer girls
matt and kim - lesson learned
hazel - truly
audio lerning center - the_shell-aaf
the lodger - good old days

martedì, marzo 17, 2009

kitchen door 2x6

ah! dimenticato la puntata precedente:


black crowes - locust street
cats on fire - higher ground
crystal antlers - parting song for the torn sky
the ex - karaoke blackout
u.s. girls - a day at the races
a classic education - badlands and owls
les man avec les lunettes - nothing is really blue
promise ring - nothing feels good
fugazi - fell, destroyed
cats on fire - i'm the mantled king
black crowes - whoa mule

sabato, marzo 14, 2009

kitchen door 2x7


oldseed - queen of the french farewell
the pop group - She Is Beyond Good And Evil
ok vancouver ok - tree
andrew bird - oh no
the rituals - leave this town in flames
appleseed cast - as the little things go
vermont - living together
meneguar - lynch the swan bar
killing the dream - thirty four second
eric's trip - forever again

mercoledì, marzo 04, 2009

lunedì, marzo 02, 2009

kitchen door 2x5 1/03/2009


mae shi - divine harvest
titus andronicus - albert camus
grandaddy - Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance
i treni all'alba - 2:09
sin ropas - besuit
pedro the lion - Suspect Fled the Scene
mi ami - the man in your house
american football - best of me
mae shi - kingdome come