lunedì, aprile 02, 2007

hey who turned the lights off? (ant)

sul suo blog, ant ci ha lasciato qualche impressione della serata al sea fox pub, nel suo breve tour italiano diviso in capitoli...grazie emiliano per averla scovata! c'è pure la tracklist dei brani...

Chapter 4: An Englishman in an English pub. Monzambano/Mantova - Sea Fox Pub 22/03/07.

Slept till 2pm, then after breakfast Fabio drove me to Radio Onda D'urto in Brescia to do an interview with Jean Luc (Fabio translated). I also played two songs live (Haven't You Got Anywhere Left You Can Run To? and Up Sticks And Go, I think... I forget...). Met up with Alessandro, (who had taped his glasses back together) went for a beer, then Paolo showed up and drove me to Monzambano (without getting lost!) and to the Sea Fox Pub (an English pub in a small Italian town) where we met the Al Casello and The Kitchen Door crew, who were all very very nice and friendly. They gave me a kitchen door tee! Smooth soundcheck, unlimited beers, gorgonzola on bread and pasta dumplings in a tomato sauce. Then I played these tunes to a small but nice audience:

01. haven't you got anywhere left you can run to? 02. in your dreams. 03. up sticks and go. 04. those memories. 05. spent too long walking. 06. when yr heart breaks 07. cry your little eyes out 08. the silence has broken. 09. he's the bee's knees 10.where happiness begins 11. slipped away 12. You've lost your appeal 13. please please please let me get what I want. + 14. the cure for broken hearts +15. the trick

tutti gli altri dettagli qui.
qui sotto un video fatto da elena con la digitale di
The Cure For Broken Hearts:

..e qui un video del singolo christian girls dei grandi, compianti hefner...

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